Green Cotton

11 years ago

Green Cotton
Green Cotton

how can i get blood out of a creamy light green 100% cotton shirt by polo without discoloring the shirt?

heres the color of the shirt –

i have a blood stain from new years (drunk friend punched a mailbox) can any of you all help me get out the stain please without bleaching and discoloring the actual shirt, by turning the area where the blood is back to the green of the shirt?


Step 1

Ideally, it’s best to treat stain when blood is still wet. However, even if the blood stain is dry, simply pour a small amount of Clorox 2® Free Stain Fighter & Color Booster directly on the stain. You can gently “scrub” stain. You’ll IMMEDIATELY see it begin to work. It starts to “bubble,” much like peroxide. Don’t rinse or wash it yet…

Step 2

Let it sit on the stain for at least 30 minutes. Then just toss into the washer and launder! This will work on just about any stain, but it’s particulary effective on blood stains.

Step 3

Voila! The stain will be gone. If for some reason you can still see evidence of the stain, treat again and let work on the stain a little longer. Enjoy your stain free clothes! (This works really well on sheets)

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