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Green Lot

Here’s the problem! No one really knows what “Green” stands for. Just ask around, and you will hear answers about saving the earth, using less oil, installing CFL bulbs, or installing Green roofs on a building. None of these are Green issues in the truest sense of the word, and that is where you education is going to start. Not only are most cleaning services ignorant, Corporate America is woefully ignorant while giving lip service to the need for environmental issues.

How about “Carbon Offset?” Are they real or a scam? Where does the money go when you purchase Carbon offsets? Do they detract from Green Awareness by corporations, or are they really a good idea? You see, there is a lot to learn about the issues that impact business.

Does having Green Seal products make a Green cleaning service? What are the hot issues that make a product Green, and how easy is it to lie to the public about the Green value of a cleaning product? Greenwashing is a new term for firms representing themselves or their products as Green but could not pass an impartial Green review. Once again, knowing is better than being told. With the growing volume of Green demands, it is crucial to know how to define a Green anything.

How do you measure a Green building, and what are the real issues that most buildings are violating daily? Is the Green Office created by the janitorial service, participating in a local Green festival that gives out CFL bulbs, or because they are working on a LEED certification? Might there be a measure of tokenism in attending a Green conference or giving money to the World Wildlife Foundation?

Listen! There is a lot of misunderstandings about Green right now, and it is not only confusing customers, it is impacting your business. Green Seal and LEED have made all these issues so complicated that most people have become the ignorant tail of a much larger agenda controlled by the architects, engineers, and power operations. Green is being hijacked, and it is time to bring this thing back to its roots. The need for professional Green consultants is immense, and we will eventually see a number of self-appoint Green consultants stepping forward who do not have the training, credentials, or background to stand in this vacancy.

To be a Green Consultant(TM), the aspiring entrepreneur must do more than “read up” on the subject. There will be six Green Consultant (TM) training sessions in early 2009. The will be held in: Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Tampa, Philadelphia, and again in Chicago. This is a federal trademark and the only legitimate source for this designation is offered through the Green Clean Institute in concert with the Green Business League. Classes are limited in size and require four days of intensive training onsite.

This training opens the door to one of the most explosive careers in the Green marketplace, and hundreds of Green Consultants work to build the largest Green Business network in the United States. Advanced enrollment is required, and classes will fill quickly. Training assignments prior to class assures that everyone will start on an equal par, and benefit from a powerful training program. A business plan is mapped out for all candidates to follow to create a great and profitable business within the first 90 days of the completion of training.

Those who should attend are anyone who has a Green passion and wants to make a tremendous difference in the business community. There are no guarantees, but this is likely the business career of the decade.

Michael Richmond is the director of the Green Clean Institute, key trainer for the Green Consultant program, and chief adviser for the Green Business League.

Does drinking a lot of green tea really cause any negative side effects?

I drink 3-5 cups four days a week.. I have felt nothing but great things from drinking it. I have heard it causes kidney stones and too much caffiene etc… But I am a firm believer in the health benefits in drinking all kinds of teas, as frequently as possible.. I love it… whos with me? …

i drink more than that, and i’m doing awesome. Theres not a whole lot of caffeine in green tea, and actually it naturally has theanine which combats the negative side effects of what little caffeine there is in green tea

September 4th: Negative Suck Cubed Equals Awesome

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