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Grinding Tool
Grinding Tool

A modern injection mold making, tool and die or precision machining operation uses a great variety of carbide cutters and inserts. The high speed machining center and hard milling applications have increased this dramatically.

In the past carbide was somewhat of a luxury in the small tool shops that dotted the country. High speed steel seemed to work just fine. Then the jobs became more complex, the lead times shortened by weeks, and the global competition pushed speeds and feeds to the limit.

Now the carbide end mills, micro end mills and carbide inserts that are used today are of exceptionally high quality and more cost effective. The cutters may cost more, but the amount of precision milling they can do is remarkable.

All of these carbide cutters need to be manufactured and oftentimes resharpened. This is where the CNC grinding machines and diamond grinding wheels excel. These remarkable machine tools are capable of grinding large cutters and incredibly tiny end mills.

Carbide is extremely difficult to machine in any case, yet these grinders produce high quality, very accurate cutters all day long. Some of the machines are self contained in that they are nearly silent, emit no dust or coolant spray into the shop. The ground cutters are inspected right in the machine by lasers and then sent on their way to be packaged.

Diamond grinding wheels are also quite expensive, but very cost effective when used correctly. With proper care a wheel on a small tool and cutter grinder can last a very long time. Most tool shops have at least one Deckel type cutter grinder for special applications, such as single lip cutters.

This little machine has many other unique uses, such as relieving cutters, sharpening punches and end mills. In the past many injection mold rib details were machined using cutters made in this machine. Thankfully, these are cut in a machining center now!

Another type of CNC grinder is the automatic, programmable surface grinder. If you have a large amount of similar work to grind, this is the way to go. Large companies that produce mold bases, die bases and shoes use these grinders in a production set-up to produce high quality components for the industry.

The CNC Ded-Tru is another specialty grinder that is great for making special round components. The core pins, punches and pins that are used in mold making and tool and die making are easily produced on a Ded-Tru. These machines are more or less a scaled down type of centerless grinder.

Randy Hough has a website: that talks about diamond grinding wheels

Cutting external concrete floor – unknown depth and possible pipe beneath – which tool to use?

My garden ground is concreted. Damp comes through the brick wall into a room that has a floor slightly below external ground level. Two damp course treatments have failed to solve the penetrating damp.

A reputable independent surveyor suggests digging a trench next to the external wall, level to the internal floor to halt dampness getting through the brick wall.

What is the best tool to use? I do not know how thick the concrete ground is and there may be a soil pipe beneath it so I have to be cautious.

The depth of your concrete should be no more than 6″,the depth of any services ie water,drainage etc,should be at least 2 foot below ground.The equipment you’ll need to hire are on the sites below.The concrete breaker will help you find the thickness of it easier to do,and the diamond disc cutter will give you a straight edge.

Multi mill lathe blade tools grinding machine 2

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