Guinea Hen

11 years ago

Guinea Hen
Guinea Hen

what are the basics of keeping guinea hens?

were possibly getting some because we are always full of ticks in the summer time! the lady were getting them from said all she does with hers is lets them go pretty much, and they live in the trees and take care of themselves. but she said she also lets them go in the winter time pretty much, but she gets them food and water more. is this correct? and how do i train them to keep them in the yard? thanks!

If you live in a warmer climate, they’ll be fine in the winter. If not, make sure that you have some source of heat in their aviary. You can insert a door to let the hens walk out (that’s what my friends did).

You train them to stay in the yard by having them grow up there. If you can get young chicks, they’ll consider your yard “home”.

Make sure that there is food in case they cannot find enough to eat (to stop them from leaving).

Guinea Hens

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