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11 years ago

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Gun Model

Is the Remington model 770 a good overall gun?

I need a gun to get rid of some coyotes, season is all year round (the only animal other than skunks all year round in Ontario) so I need to deal with them since they eat all the deer and rabbits. Is the remingotn model 770 a good choice (in .270) and what would be a comfortable shooting range?

I’d suggest the Stevens 200 (made by Savage) instead. It is only a few dollars more expensive than the Remington 770, and a much better rifle.

If all you are going to use this rifle for is coyotes, I’d suggest going with .223 Rem. instead of .270 Win. .223 will kill coyotes with ease, and .223 ammo is cheaper and more pleasant to shoot than .270.

Shooting range is determined by your skill. How far can you personally make a shot that will impact the vitals of your quarry?

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