Hair Bow

10 years ago

Hair Bow
Hair Bow

How do you make a hair bow?

I am wanting to make hair bows for my little girl. All of the info online that I have found is for a plain,simple bow. I am wanting to learn how to make the big, over the top bows. Any advice?

These look larger than usual:,,DIY_13762_2269204,00.html

I would think you could use wider and longer ribbon as well if you wanted even bigger bows. And why not use more layers of ribbon than shown as well?

To tie a ribbon bow, you can get it more even if you use two sturdy points to loop the ribbon around as you tie it. The wider apart these two ‘holding’ points are, the larger your finished bow will be.

Here’s how to make bows with curled ribbon:

Again, you could use wider, longer ribbon and the same basic instructions to make a bigger version of this bow.

Here’s a video about how to make boutique hair bows:

I hope this is what you were looking for 🙂

How to Hair Bow

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