Hand Knit

11 years ago

Hand Knit
Hand Knit

Is it worth the time and effort to sell hand knit baby clothes on eBay?

I’m thinking hats, booties, Mary Janes, maybe even sweaters and blankets – but do hand knit items sell on eBay? Would they sell for enough to make it worthwhile – considering the cost of yarn, listing fees, and final value fees? Not to mention the time it takes to make each one…

As an artist and crafter in several different fields, also an eBay store owner, I would say more than likely NO! Although, only one person currently has such listings, and they are in Great Britain; the listing never seem to make any money.
I don’t see how you could possibly come out ahead.

If this is what you have a talent/flair for, try having your designs at a local, upscale boutique. Or if the internet is the way you want to go, try starting up your own website.

Further, you might want to consider selling your design patterns. There is a huge market for how-to designs.

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