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Handmade Cross
Handmade Cross

Good gift ideas for my boyfriend’s 17th birthday?

My boyfriend of 2 months (officially, but more like a year) is turning 17 in mid August. He told me that he doesn’t want me to spend a lot of money on him, but i still want to do something really special for him.

So far, I’m planning on getting him:
– a handmade card (cheesy but i know he will like it)
– Under Armour gym shorts (he loves them)
– tickets for he and I to go see “Inglorious Basterds” (a new Brad Pitt movie coming out on his birthday, b/c Brad Pitt is his favorite actor)
– a cross necklace, because he’s been wanting a new one but doesn’t have the money. I might get him that instead of the gym shorts.

My plan is to take him out on a nice day for some sort of picnic at a park or at the beach. I would give him all the presents then.

Opinions? Ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Meg 😀

That is a little much probably do the card, the tickets to the movie and either the cross or the gym shorts not both. The gym shorts aren’t as sentimental as the others he can get those on his own. Go have a picnic on the beach give him his presents then go out to the movie it will be the perfect all day date.

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