Happy Holiday

11 years ago

Happy Holiday
Happy Holiday

Why is Dias De Los Muertos a Happy Holiday?

Why do people celebrate it with happy thoughts instead of mourning?

Because we believe that at this time our departed loved ones visit with us in spirit. And because people around us are all stopping to take time to honor their loved one’s as well, so we can take time to do it right…not rushed like it might be when they pass or on the anniversary of their passing.

so we have time to prepare their favorite food and drink and make a nice gathering place. Also, it is all the anticipation, the festive decorations, the sweets, etc so everyone is in a good, excited spirit.

We mourn during the year when we are missing them, and rejoice when we gather together and honor and visit with them. It is a great time to share family stories, recipes, and good times together. It is the best time of the year.

beFour – Happy Holiday

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