Head Doll

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Head Doll
Head Doll

With Father’s Day coming soon, it is the time to be thinking about some of the best gifts for men. It does not matter if you are shopping for your father, grandfather, brother, husband, fiancé or friend the perfect gift is out there just waiting for you so come along and buy it. The variety available on the market today is so vast, there is something for everyone.

Some of the best gifts for men are unique and unusual. If the man you are shopping for is into art, he may enjoy a unique piece from Nathan Halpern. You can find some great deals online for these works with price tags ranging from under $120 all the way up to $500. Maybe your guy is the rocker type, he might be happy with a Dark Blue Hamsa & Evil Eye bracelet or Dog Tag necklace from Lara Levi. You can purchase these on line for as low as $30 to $50.

One of the best gifts for men is a cap. All men love caps. I have never met a man who did not own at least one cap. You can go online and custom design a cap for the man in your life. You can make one that says “Grandpa Tom Rules” or “Jeff: Husband of the Year” anything you like. Usually, you choose a style of cap from a predetermined selection. Then, you select the layout you want, such as where you want your design to be featured on the cap, front, back, etc. Finally, you tell them what you want the cap to say. Men love to make a statement, so choose a design that represents your man.

A cool idea that definitely ranks highly among the best gifts for men is a custom-made bobble head doll. You can get a bobble head doll that is an exact replica of anyone you choose for less than $140. If that is a little to expensive for your taste, you can choose to just have a similarity of your man’s head sculpted on a standard casual body. You can have your man’s mug put on a baseball player, a military official, cowboy or one of many available designs for less than $100.

Travel has always been one of the best gifts for men. Men love to go places. There are so many great travel deals available today. You can find Los Angeles Tours for less than $500 or San Francisco for just a few dollars more. Surprise the man you love with a special get away anywhere he wants to go.

Does your man enjoy the finer things in life? Another of the best gifts for men is a nice watch. Nowadays, you do not have to go all out on watches. You can find replica watched for just a portion of what an original manufacture charges.

There are also many generic style gifts that are among the best gifts for men. Maybe a medieval oil burner or some classy Alabastrite bookends would make your man happy. If you know your man, you will know what to buy for him. Get him something that represents him and makes him think of you at the same time.

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How do i clean the white feathers on a doll’s head dress?

Ok I have a Indian Porcelain doll that has white and blue feathers on her head dress,and the white feathers are turning tan how do i clean the feathers/

If they are turning tan because there is a smoker in the house then there is not much you can do! However, you could try shaking a little talcum powder over the feathers and brush off gently with a very soft brush.

The Late Isabel – Doll’s Head

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