Heart Beads

9 years ago

Heart Beads
Heart Beads


Hi im normally health 16 year old boy I do have Scoliosis thats the only underlying health concern ive had it for 2 years. For the past few months ive been having weird symptoms that are slowly ruining my life. It started with a week of bad headaches dizziness and the feeling to faint ive been dizzy and confused since then with an irregular heart bead and palpitations when i lay on my left said I also get rashes on the tops of my hands and chest aswell as eye twitching and mussle jearks in legs and head. My doctor ran a ton of blood tests and they came up neg im getting an mri tomorrow any help will be greatly appreciated.

what you are trying to describe could be palpitation’s but would not cause a rash on hands you may have low BP you wouldn’t get jerking either but i would go back to your DR for the dizziness headaches and palpitations or it also can be due to flu coming on or anxiety hope you get sorted

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