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Hobby/craft item that allows kids to trace photos?

There was an infomercial for a ‘toy’ or craft item that allowed kids to put a photo in one area and trace the image in another? What’s it called??? thanks…

I tried to find a “toy” or other art equipment that’s what I *think* you may be talking about, but can’t seem to find one, so I’ll try to describe it instead. You can easily make something similar if you can’t find one too.
(Finally did find something similar!… see first link below.)

The basic set up would be a sheet of glass (like from a frame) that’s stood up vertically between the image you want to trace and the blank paper you want to copy the image onto.

Let’s just say you had a drawing of an apple on paper that you wanted to duplicate. (The following description would be for a right-hander… reverse positions of drawn image and blank paper for left-handers.)

…put the apple-drawing down flat onto a table or other work surface, image upward
…stand the sheet of glass on it’s long edge to the right of the apple-drawing (ways to stand it up below**)
…put the blank paper down on the table on the other side of the upright sheet of glass
…NOW, look at the *surface of the glass* from the *left* side and you will see a reflection of the apple-drawing on the glass which will look like it’s actually on the blank paper
…trace the apple-drawing onto the illusion of the image on the blank paper (with your hand on the right side where the blank paper is)

Regular lighting should be fine for this, but if you want a sharper image you can try changing the lighting that hits the drawing (more light) versus the lighting that hits the blank paper (less light) …you don’t want light creating glare on the glass though.

**to make the glass stand up vertically so it doesn’t need to be held in place:
….you can cut (or router) a groove in a piece of plywood, etc
…. or you can make a groove in something like (at least 2) sheets of corrugated cardboard by using one whole piece of cardboard as a base, then gluing or taping half pieces of the cardboard on either side of where you want to create a long groove for the glass to fit down into (fairly tightly-fit, if possible)
…then stand the long edge of the glass sheet in whichever groove you have
(use pieces of wood or cardboard, etc., that will be wide enough for both drawings to sit pretty much side by side
…. OR you could just use clay or a smaller strip of board to “stand” the glass with, and then be sure not to put any drawings too close to the clay or wood–should still work reflection-wise)

I finally found a picture showing the general set up I’m referring to… in this case, the person copying the image is left-handed, and the glass is held vertical with two bottles of water on each side of it, at each end (clever!)

This is presuming you don’t mean something like a (regular or toy) “opaque projector” or like an “overhead projector” (image to be copied must be on a sheet of *transparent* sheeting though for that one to work).

Here are a bunch of opaque projectors–also called “art projectors”:
They range from “toy” models –try amazon, etc– all the way up to quite expensive. Generally, the more expensive they are, the less blurry the image that’s projected for copying, and the larger the image that can be created without having to move the image around, and also the less-dark the room and receiving surface have to be, etc. (I made one myself from a large lens –from a copier, I think– I bought, plus some small boards and a mirror.)

HTH, and have fun!

Diane B.

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