Hook Size

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Hook Size
Hook Size

Ask any tournament angler if he could fish in only one way with one lure it would be plastic worm fishing. Plastic worms catch very big fish consistently.

You are going to need to know the basic rigs to know how to fish your worm. * Texas rig- is weedless you can cast without worrying about getting hung up. You can cast this rig where you do not dare with other rigs. *Carolina rig- is great for when fishing is rough due to tournaments or heavy boat traffic and cold fronts. *Wacky worm rig- is also great for hard to catch fish use a four to five inch worm hooke straight through the middle use a four a four inch worm and use a finishing nail buried in the worm for weight. this rig is for those hard to catch fish. Do not fish past eight eight feet or so. Jig worm is great outside of the weed lines for those active fish use a six or seven inch worm.

To retrieve your worm cast it and simply retrieve it from nine to ten as if you were looking at a clock or watch watching your line for any movement or twitches. If you get a strike you will not feel it you will see a twitch or line movement and if you do drop your rod tip and reel most not all the slack line and jerk upwards and have fun.

Hook size and weight of your slip- sinker will be covered later look to the bottom of this article for my website. But for now to big or to small of a hook will miss hook sets. You will also need different weights for different depths this will be covered also. Color a general rule of thumb is clear water go with natural colors in stained or muddy water go with bright colors and at night always go with a large black worm, I am talking ten inches or more. Now you have learned a lot about plastic worm fishing are you ready to catch a some huge fish, well now you can!

Now you have a lot of knowledge on Plastic Worm Fishing for a lot more information on how to be a successful angler with plastic worms feel free to visit my website at: Plastic worm Fishing

What size crochet hook to use?

I am fairly new at knitting and I self taught so I don’t really know all the “finer” details. When you are picking up dropped stitches does it matter what size crochet hook you use or should you use one comparable to the size of your knitting needles?

pick a crochet hook the same size as your knitting needles..

b hook equals a size 2 knitting needle
c hook equals a size 3 knitting needle
d hook equals a size 4 knitting needle
e hook equals a size 5 knitting needle
f hook equals a size 6 knitting needle
g hook equals a size 7 knitting needle
h hook equals a size 8 knitting needle
I hook equals a size 8 knitting needle
J hook equals a size 9 knitting needle
k hook equals a size 10 knitting needle

Crochet Cat & Dog Mats – P Size Hook

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