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Ink Pad
Ink Pad

How do you reset the Internal Waste Ink Pad Counter using SSC Service Utility v4.30?

My Epson C20 printer flashes both green and red lights and when I try to use it something comes up about “parts inside need replacing…”.

I looked it up and downloaded SSC Service Utility v4.30, but I don’t understand how I am meant to use it to reset the internal waste ink pad counter.


the parts its asking to replace is the surplus ink tank it needs cleaning
under normal use its no way near full its a con to have some tech to clean the pad out and charge you

using the SSC utility allows you to reset the counter

removed the inkpads after removing the printer cover (they are in the back – use disposable or rubber gloves if you pick them up or your hands will get covered in ink).
washed them in warm water until they ran clear and dried them. then replaced them, replaced the cover and turned the printer back on.
use the SSC Server Utility and using the Protection counter menu use the Reset protection counter tool to reset the counter to zero. turned the printer off and back on and YES, it should works again

How to waste ink pad counter Epson 1400

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