Jacquard Trim

11 years ago

Jacquard Trim
Jacquard Trim

what should i wear to a wedding?

okay, so im 18, and going to my cousins wedding…

im totaly stuck!
any of these?




or none?! haha !

this is me btw;
if that helps at all?

i’m not a big fan of any of those, tbh.

the cut in the first one looks wierd…the model looks out of proportion, with bigger than normal hips. it’s also kinda too short somehow.

the second one is ok, but it’s such a common look.

the third one is probably the best for me.but i’m not a fan of those ruffle things at the sleeves/back.

Grace Gypsy Satin Jacquard Trim Bias Cut Flared Hem Boho Top

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