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Jet Black

Swiss Legend watches are just that – legendary. For years, the company has produced and distributed timepieces that are stylish, versatile and classic. Whether you’re a man looking for a timepiece to give to your son on his graduation day, or a wife looking to add some class to your husband’s daily ensembles, Swiss Legend has a watch for you.

Swiss Legend watches are timepieces, yes – but they’re also timeless. No matter which watch you choose, it’s likely to be passed down from generation to generation. Your husband will pass it down to your son, who will give it to his son, who will give it to your great-grandson, and so on and so forth. Watches are often family heirlooms, and for good reason – they tend to keep ticking long after we do.

A good watch is reliable and stylish. You want to be able to rely on your watch for functionality, but also for style. A nice watch makes any outfit look classier. It proves that you value your time and the time of others, and that you make an effort not to be late.

A good watch saves you from having to ask others for the time, and from digging into your pocket to check your smart phone every ten seconds. Simply flip your wrist and voila: the time! There’s really no better investment that a man can make than a great watch. Better than a good suit, or even a nice pair of shoes, a good watch will fit you forever and then some.

Whether you’re looking for a watch to wear on the golf course, a watch to wear at the country club, a watch to wear while gardening or a watch to wear while you ace your big business presentation, Swiss Legend has an option for you. Below, you’ll find some options for every situation – all of which represent the pinnacle of timepiece quality.

If you’re looking for a watch for a day at the golf course, consider a Commander Swiss Quartz timepiece with a black rubber strap. This watch is jet black and ready for adventure – at least on the putting green! It centers on a black stainless steel case and a black unidirectional rotating bezel with a scale. It features a sapphire coated mineral crystal and a screw down crown with functional buttons and a stainless steel back to complete the case design.

The round black dial comes in your choice of gold-tone, rose-tone or silver-tone accents, silver tone being the classiest, since it doesn’t speak too loud, but still means prestige. Arabic numerals appear on the watch at 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 11:00. The watch is secured by buckle clasp that holds the black rubber strap together. It fits up to a nine-inch wrist. This sleek style is sure to attract attention both on and off the golf course. Understated and sophisticated, this is a watch for a confident man.

Every man needs a basic, sophisticated, but clean watch. The kind of watch you wear out to dinner with your wife and kids on the weeknights – the kind of watch that speaks of prestige but does not call out, “look at me and all the things I can afford!” A gold watch that is a classic timepiece, this is the kind of watch that you’ll hand down to your children.

An exciting world timer design can be found on this timepiece, which begins with a round gold-tone case constructed from surgical grade 316L steel. Nothing’s going to slow this watch down! A tachymeter allows you to track your distance based on speed – it’s adorned with a gold bezel. A sapphire coated mineral crystal protects the round blue dial of this watch, and gold-tone markers appear at all hour positions except 12:00. This is a sizable watch, but it isn’t overly large. A stainless steel gold-tone bracelet attaches securely on your wrist with a push button dual deployant clasp. This watch fits up to a nine-inch wrist.

If ostentatious is what you’re after, or if you need to show up the big boys at your big presentation, consider a limited edition Militare Swiss Made watch. With outstanding construction and a timeless style, this oversized timepiece speaks of power and intelligence. It’s a man’s watch, through and through. This watch allows you to make an unforgettable impression, from the black ionic-plated case crafted from surgical grade stainless steel to the push and pull crown with function pushers. A Sapphitek crystal keeps the round black dial safe, and comes in your choice of blue, orange, red or yellow accents. Red is best; it’s the manliest color of all of the choices. Arabic numerals show at all hour positions except 3:00 and 9:00.

It’s clear that Swiss Legend has a variety of watches fit for the modern man. Whether you’re looking for something causal or fancy, the brand has a watch for you.

Rodney Halperin is a freelance writer who writes about jewelry, watches and specific brands such as Swiss Legend.

How do i add blue highlights to my jet black hair?

i saw a raven’s wing a while ago and it was the most beautiful shade of blue-black and i totally want my hair that color.i have natural black hair but i use temporary jet black color every month to make it darker and it looks amazing on me.i tried a temporary blue-black dye but it just looked like black.does anyone have any ideas? and i want nothing permanent.
what kind and brand of color would i need to get?
and i also don’t want to bleach my hair.

The permanent way to get the blue highlights is to bleach the sections you want to dye first, then apply the blue color.
A non-permanent way is to use hair mascara or a colored gel, though with black hair your best bet is probably the mascara. Both of these product will wash out in one to two washings.

Jet Black Promise – Fairy Tale

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