Jewelry Making

10 years ago

Jewelry Making
Jewelry Making

Did you know that the stamped design on any piece of sterling silver jewelry is always applied just before the setting of the stone. The process is done by tapping the metal with a hardened steel punch in which a specific design or symbol has been cut. There are many different stamp designs are available commercially and are quite affordable. Some craftsman and silversmiths prefer to make their own punches with their own original designs but the process is surely an art in itself. These punches are considered as most valuable possessions by the Native American jewelry maker. Some of the first silver punches were copies of the leather punches used by the blacksmiths working on their horse saddles. Many of these same traditional designs are still used today.

Contrary to the belief that many of these stamp designs are Indian symbols, most of them have no significance at all, but instead are just designs that are considered decorative by the individual maker of their own Native American sterling silver jewelry pieces. The stamping technique is not one that is learned overnight. Many hours of experience is required before this art form is perfected. If the stamp is tapped too lightly, the design will not show and if it is tapped to hard the stamp can actually go through the metal and thus ruin a potential beautiful piece of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. If the stamp is not held straight the result could be that the impression is uneven or only a part of the design may be transferred. If a mistake in the stamping technique is made, it is not easy to cover up or correct. Often times the piece will be scrapped or used for another project. Good quality handmade silver jewelry will consistently have bold and defined stamped designs applied to it, so be on the lookout as you do your browsing.

Article submitted by Randall Wilson, owner of Artisan Handmade Jewelry

If I get a Tax ID# so I can purchase wholesale jewelry making supplies, do I have to file a tax return?

I won’t have any employees, it is just me making jewelry. I’m in Texas, USA. I think I just have to fill out the SS-4 form to get the ID. Just not sure what to do from there.

If you made any money doing distribution.

DIY Jewelry Making

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