Jill Meyer

11 years ago

Jill Meyer
Jill Meyer

any good fantasy series with vampires, werewolves in it?

I would like a series that has a strong female as the main character and is written in first person view. I have already read the following and really enjoyed them if you could give me something similar I would really appreciate it.

laurell k hamilton- Anita Blake
charlaine harris-sookie stakehouse
patricia briggs-mercy thompson & the alpha omega
ilona Andrews series
jim butcher-dresden files
keri arthur-riley Jensen series
lilith saintcrow- dante valentine & jill kismet series
kim harrison- rachel morgan series
jeanine frost- huntress series
kelley armstrong- women of the otherwostephene meyer- twilight sega

You could try Charlaine Harris’ Harper Connolly series. No vampires or weres but it does have a supernatural feel with the lead character Harper Connolly able to “see” the dead. I’m on book one now and it’s seems interesting. Obviously similar writing style to Sookie.

Richelle Mead has three series, two of which I’ve read. The Vampire Academy series is entirely vampires. She also has the “Succubus” series which is a succubus (energy taker). Very adult but you’ve read Sookie so you should be able to deal… There is a third series but I haven’t got to that one yet.

The Night World series has vampires, weres / shifters and witches.

The Evernight series (Claudia Gray) is a Gothic boarding school and has only vampires.

The South Beach series (Alex Duval) is ok, vampires only, male lead.

House of Night series – I haven’t read but hear it’s okay.

The City of ~ series – again I haven’t read but it seems popular

I’ve also seen the Night Watch (also Day and Twilight Watch) by Sergei something.

A single vampire book “Let the Right One In” is also supposed to be good – the movie is good…

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