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It can be really difficult to take pictures when there are objects moving like crazy. Action shots are hard. Sports photos, planes, cars, people running, it is all pretty hard to capture if you don’t know some solid digital photography tips for how to photograph motion. This article will give you a basic understanding how to take these shots.

If you have an automatic camera then you’re going to have a difficult time taking action shots properly. End of story. Hopefully, you will have some Preset settings like “sport” mode and the like. Other than that, you really have to just cross your fingers and hope your camera knows exactly what you want.

For most cameras, you do have the ability to manipulate some settings. This will give you more power over taking action photos. The most important thing to manipulate is the shutter speed.

Shutter Basics:

If you don’t know, the shutter is what controls how long light is let into the camera. If you use a long shutter like 1/30 more light will be let in. The effects of this when taking fact action photos is that the motion is blurred. It can make for some cool shots with the object in motion blurred but everything else not.

A faster shutter speed like 1/500 does the opposite. It will let in light very quickly and result in shots with motion frozen. For example, you could take a picture of a car that swooshes by and to your eye seems like a blur. However, your camera will have captured that car in crisp clear detail.

The easiest way to use the shutter is to set your camera to shutter priority mode. This will let you set the shutter speed to your liking and the other settings are automatically set for you.

Al Sanez has a Free Photo course that teaches beginners digital photography tips. He also has another free program on how to Sell Pictures Online

Do pumpkins need cross pollination to fruit?

Last year we planted a “big max” pumpkin. It blossomed, but never fruited. This year we are trying again. However, before we reach the point of having blossoms and no fruit- do pumpkins need to be cross pollinated? Do I just need to buy a second “big max” or are there other varieties that would cross pollinate with it?

You always need to plant 2 vines near each other when growing any vine (watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, etc). They do indeed need to cross pollinate and will not “mate” with it’s own flowers.
But there is another factor too. Since the demise of the bees pollination is becoming a more rare occurrence. Bees do most of the pollinating of plants and since they are no longer around many farmers and backyard growers have resorted to manual pollination. This would involve choosing a male flower from one plant and shaking it’s pollen over the female flower of the other plant. Of course this involves timing and know how so do a google search and you’ll find many articles on how to do this properly.

The Allman Brothers – Not My Cross To Bear (1969)

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