Kiln Fired

10 years ago

Kiln Fired
Kiln Fired

Is there a Percentage of calcium carbonate that will not undergo cvalcination when fired into a lime kiln?

If there is, can somebody give me the percent conversion and the source. is there a percent conversion of CaO to Calcium hydroxide when CaO is Mixed With Water ??

Seldom is pure Calcium carbonate used. Limestone is a typical starting material and Quick lime (CaO) made is often only 90% to 95% CaO. 1% to 2% of a MgO impurity is also common.

Temperature seems to play a role in recalcination of some of the lime produced.

When the lime is slaked (hydrated) the following reaction occurs:

CaO + H2O –> Ca(OH)2

This is almost 100% if sufficient water is used.

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