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Does anyone know how to or where to go to program a glass kiln in Las Vegas?

I purchased a glass kiln from a glass company at the glass and bead expo in las vegas. The company gave me the kiln without a manual and the company refuses to send me the exact manual that belongs with the kiln. I’m trying to start my glass work again but i cannot figure out how to program the kiln myself or who i should contact to get it programmed… could anyone please help me out? thanks.
the kiln is a firehouse 15 kiln purchased from a company called pacific artglass in california. i called for a month straight and every day they said they would mail me the manual, they never did. i finally spoke to someone over the phone who did have me print off a manual that is literally over 100 pages long and doesnt seem to corespond with the kiln whatsoever. I even took the manual to my art professor who is a glass artist and she could not understand the manual herself, not sure what to do. I’ll be using system 96 glass. I’ll have to look into those websites though thanks.

Most of the glass kiln controllers made are made by Bartlett Instrument. All of their manuals are available on their website. Most glass kilns have an RTC1000 or a Model 3K.

Evenheat is very active at Glass & Bead. Their website has all of their manuals, plus a general glass firing manual that may be enough to get you started.

Of course the firing schedule you use is going to depend on the glass you’re using. Both of the major manufacturers of “warm glass” have literature on their websites:
System 96:

Bullseye (COE 90):

Finally, if you haven’t discovered it already, you should probably check out the Warm Glass boards:

Glass Bottle Kiln – Podere Casa Rosa – Italy

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