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Kiln Lumber
Kiln Lumber

What are the advantages of milled wood versus just using roundwood to build things?

I was thinking the other day about how much easier it would be to build from smaller dimension roundwood instead of taking a big tree and cutting into dimensional lumber. In other words, if you had a forest and were going to build a structure yourself it seems like using younger trees would be easier. So why don’t people do this? Are there advantages to using bigger trees that I don’t know about?

I’m assuming that the wood would be kiln dried. What I mean is whether there’s a different in the structural properties. Would round wood warp more? Would it be more brittle? Would it not be as strong?
Yes, using a whole 4″ diameter tree instead of a 2×4. Young trees grown in stands can be 4″ in diameter, but 30-40 feet tall, with half that length being in clear wood. It seems like it would not only be possible, but preferable to using the whole tree instead of spend the energy milling boards.

I assume you mean taking a ‘whole’ young tree and using it.

Many problems with this: First, trees don’t grow straight. Even small variations can cause structural weakness. The point to getting a bigger tree and slicing it up is the consistency of the boards. Second, if you use round lumber, then you only have a very small place to attach boards to the face of the board. Third, the wieght of the lumber used would actually be more in the long run, because you are using a larger piece than you need. Fourth, people wouldn’t buy it because a smaller piece of wood is more convienent to handle (think 2x4x8 vs. a small sapling going up a ladder to a second floor).

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