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Kit Nib
Kit Nib

Can anyone explain a “Drop and cast adjustment?”?

I just purchased a benelli super nova, NIB. I was reading the use/maintenance guide and it has a chapter that desribes a drop change kit. i’m certainly no stranger to firearms, but i’m also not unrealistic to think myself an expert. Any help would be appreciated.

Drop (at heel or at comb) and cast are stock fitting terms.

Drop at heel or comb is the amount of “drop” or the distance from the comb or heel to the top of the rib. This is measured by laying a long straight edge along the rib and then measuring the vertical distance from the bottom of the straight edge to either the front of the comb, or the heel (top of the butt pad).

Cast is the left-right correction to the stock. For a right hand shooter cast off means there is a right-ward curve/correction to the stock (away from you) or comb, cast on means left-ward curve/correction into your shoulder (stock) or face (comb).

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