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Where do you get the Liquid for a Wood Burning Kit?

I have a Philips Screw Wood Burning Kit. I would like to get the liquid for it because i ran out of it. So is their a place i can buy replacements for it like on Amazon or something like that. Don’t want to buy a new kit.
The liquid helps to burn because the tool can go up to 610 degrees F.
It burns and heats it up to that temp it is basically like lighter fluid i think but i need the kind exactly.

The “liquid” for a wood burning kit? I know that it’s been a long time since I did any wood burning, but I sure don’t remember any liquids involved, just the iron, stand, and a few different screw on tips. Enlighten us, tell us what this liquid does.

“The liquid helps to burn because the tool can go up to 610 degrees F.”

Uhh…still got no clue what you are talking about. Does the liquid cool it? Heat it? Is it combustible? What in the world are you talking about? What does it say on the label of the original bottle? What are its ingredients?
From your edit, I can only assume that you have a butane powered wood burning kit. I’ve never seen one, but here is something similar:

Any kind of butane refill will do, it doesn’t have to be a specific brand. The fill ports are standardized on both the iron and the tank. It’s only a liquid while under extreme pressure at room temperatures. You should have said that you wanted fuel for your non-electric wood burning kit. That would have saved a whole bunch of time.

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