Large Rubber

12 years ago

Large Rubber
Large Rubber

Where can I order a large 5inch X 5inch rubber stamp and a vegetable/soy ink for a commercial application?

I want to stamp my logo, phone number and short info with a rubber stamp onto a 100 percent recycled cardboard box. But it must be soy ink or vegetable ink.
Thanks in advance

Here’s a link to my answer to a similar question asked here at YahooAnswers, and my favorite place to order rubberstamps –ReadyStamps (…you get up to 9×7″ area in total to use for one stamp image or as many images as you can fit in):;_ylt=Ah02JzKW4d7vEz0ZoPSUL8YjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20081022180749AAEFBdG

ReadyStamps is cheaper than most office supply stores, etc., for ordering custom stamps because they don’t sell the stamp(s) mounted if you don’t want them, and then you can easily create your own permanent or temporary mounting for each stamp if you want.

(As for the special inks, I have no idea if custom rubberstamp makers also sell inks, but here are some possible leads for buying soy or veg inks:”soy+inks”+”vegetable+inks”+stamp”soy+inks”+”vegetable+inks” )


Diane B.

Working on my large rubber band ball

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