Leather Hide

11 years ago

Leather Hide
Leather Hide

Cream Leather couch? How do i hide/cover the little parts that arnt cream anymore ( Scuffed Leather)?

Which Clown is Going to say with a pen? HA HA ha ha (Not Funny)
Sensible Knowledgeable Answers only Please.

can you put cream shoe polish on them and buff it really good? I have a brown leather chair and I put the liquid (with the sponge-top) where the dog toenailed it–it looks pretty good (better than before) and I buffed it really well so none would come off when you sit on it…
try that in a small spot, see if it helps. You might have to go to a shoe store, or maybe mix up the white and the brown to make your custom color.
Hope it works for you!

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