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Leather Tool
Leather Tool

It seems a little weird but motorcycle jackets have got a history too! Since the day motorcycles were out for a sale in automobile stores, these jackets were also made available to a motorcyclist as a part of protective gear. Earlier, motorcycle jackets were mostly made up of leather and they had actually evolved from the aviator jackets that were worn by fighter pilots during the first and Second World War. That’s how the jackets we know today, got an initial shape and form! Those aviator jackets used to have narrow collars.

Aviator jackets were usually fastened with the help of buttons on the front side. After the Second World War, a number of fighter pilots continued to wear those jackets on their motorcycle. Possibly they were trying to re-experience the exhilaration they got when they were pilots in the Air Force. In the year 1953, motorcycle jackets also appeared in a movie called ‘The Wild One.’ The movie was about two rival gangs of motorcyclist. Since the day that movie got popular, jackets for motorcyclists also become very popular. Motorcycling is already about a lot of passion and motorcyclists, over the decade, have done everything possible to make it special. Jackets were not just about look and feel. They were now becoming an important tool of safety.

Leather jackets have become much too popular, they will not go off the market any time soon. These jackets used to hold an outlaw image. However, all sorts of motorcyclists are now wearing these jackets for style, protection and comfort. There is no dearth of dedicated websites that sell accessories for a motorcyclist. If you are willing to purchase a jacket for yourself or for your kid, make sure you check everything carefully. Do not place the order right after you take a look at a rotating-animated picture of the jacket on the screen! Carefully read the description before you make a decision!

More information is available on ghostbikes.com. They offer information on Motorbike Boots and products such as Motorbike Gloves.

what do I used to sharpen a skiver (leather-working tool)?

My BF says to look for needle files but I am not sure where to look.

My skiver has replacement blades as you really want it razor sharp. If it is a single blade unit I would buy the graded sharpening stones from somewhere like harbor freight and work through the grades with honing oil.
Hope this helps

What leather craft tools are needed for beginners & where can I buy them

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