Leather Upholstery

11 years ago

Leather Upholstery
Leather Upholstery

How do you remove the odor of smoke from upholstery or leather?

This piece of furniture is new but has been exposed to smoke. I can smell it faintly.

You can get rid of the smoke smell with White Vinegar.

Vinegar destroys cigarette smell on a molecular level. It doesn’t just cover it up, like air fresheners do. It destroys it.

Pour undiluted, full strength White Vinegar into a spritzer bottle and spray the upholstery with this. You can buy empty spritzer bottles at Dollar General, Walmart, and Target. Or…you can just wipe the leather with a rag doused with white vinegar.

Yes, vinegar stinks, too, but unlike cigarette smell, it dissipates within hours. And once it does, the cigarette smell will be gone, too. It works every time.

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