Liquitex Acrylic

11 years ago

Liquitex Acrylic
Liquitex Acrylic

i just painted on my jeans with acrylic paint on purpose should i throw it in the dryer? i want to keep it in.?

i just painted on my jeans with liquitex acrylic paint ON PURPOSE. i want it to stay in… should i throw it in the dryer to let the liquid set? i dont know but you do that with tiedyed shirts… is that the same as acriylic paint decorated, the same? just want to make sure the paint wont go out and on the label it says water resistant and permanent but i want to make sure it stays in because i spent ALOT of time on them. will they fade? please answer theese questions! Its reallly apppreciated and thanks- Have a great day!:)

You are fine. And you do not need to throw them in the dryer.

Just do not wash for at least 24 hours.

But next time you use use a textile medium. Look at the link.

I painted clothing and shoes before.

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