Lizzie Kate

11 years ago

Lizzie Kate
Lizzie Kate

rate my favorite baby names please?

1 being the worst 10 being the best

Avery Kate
Mia Rose
Elizabeth Claire(lizzie)
Natalie Paige
Ella Grace
Annalee Rachel (anna)

Austin James
Nicholas Scott (nick)
Ethan Paul
Adam Michael
Andrew Jordan
William Alexander (will)
Camden Parker

Avery Kate 8
Mia Rose 10
Elizabeth Claire 10
Natalie Paige 9
Ella Grace 10
Annalee Rachel 6

Austin James 9
Nicholas Scott 10
Ethan Paul 10
Adam Michael 8
Andrew Jordan 7
William Alexander 10
Camden Parker 4

Lizzie Kate + Madeline play 12-29-08

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