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11 years ago

Lock Bags
Lock Bags

Has anyone tried the anti-tarnish zip-lock bags for their jewelry?

I have a lot of expensive beaded jewelry that I want to keep protected from tarnishing. Are these anti-tarnish zip-locks a good idea, do they work?

I don’t really know what the anti-tarnish zip locks do, but I wouldn’t waste my money on it. Instead you’re better off investing in a sturdy jewellery case with many drawers. The key in protecting your jewellery is to ensure it is stored away from humidity and light. If you can’t afford a jewellery box, store in a soft cloth pouch, or acid free boxes or plastic zip lock away from light and moisture. Always make sure you wipe your pieces with a soft cloth before storage, and never shower or wash your hands whilst wearing jewellery.

If you follow these tips, there is no need for fancy anti tarnish zip locks. I am assuming they are more suitable for only metal jewellery anyway, and sounds like a marketing gimmick to me.
Hope this helped.

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