Lot Rubber

11 years ago

Lot Rubber
Lot Rubber

What would you swap with me for a blue, rubber thimble?

Inspired by the news of a man who bartered his way from a paperclip to a house, what would you give me?!

The thimble is a ‘Niceday Finger Cone’, sky-blue, rubber with lots of nodules for extra grip! It is size number 1 (aprox. 3cm high, 2cm diameter). Only slightly used.

I await your offers with eager anticipation!


I like your attitude and the fact that you aren’t sitting on your backside waiting for a handout.

Since you live in England and shipping becomes an issue, I will swap you for any one digital product of your choice in my Ebay Store.

Is regularly cleaning your table tennis rubber worth bothering with?

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