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El Salvador is a Central American country along the Pacific Ocean and between Guatemala and Honduras. It is the smallest country in continental America and is fondly called Tom Thumb of the Americas. The country’s main tourist attraction is its beautiful beaches for surfing and swimming, but there are also great archeological sites to visit and lots of other exciting things you can do when you are in El Salvador.

1.) Ilopango

Ilopango markets are located east of the city of San Salvaador. Here you can roam the market and buy local arts, crafts and unique handmade goods. You can also test your bargaining skills with the local merchants of these markets.

2.) Los Planes de Renderos

About a hundred meters above sea level, Los Planes de Renderos is a mountain that offers a spectacular view of the city San Salvador. It is a popular place to visit for both the locals and the tourists for some relaxing time. There are a lot of walking and picnic parks and restaurants in the area.

3.) La Libertad

La Libertad surf beaches is one of the best surfing beaches in the whole Central American region. It is also among the top ten in the world. A lot of surfers from around the world visit El Salvador for its surfing beaches all year round because of the challenge of El Salvador’s surf.

4.) Archeological tours

Joya de Ceren is one of the most interesting archeological places in El Salvador where one can still witness the everyday life of Mayans. You can also see there the ceremonial site of San Andres with an acropolis, three main structures and 6 sub structures. The Chalchuapa is also an important archeological site where you will find the pyramids Tazumal, the name means “where the victims were burned” and the private archeological site Casa Blanca.

5.) Volcano Tours

There are a lot of volcanoes in El Salvador and several of them are open for hiking. There is the Ilamatepec which is about 2365 meters, the Tehutepec which is 2050 meters, the Izalco which is 1910 meters, Quetzaltepec which is 1960 meters and a lot more. Guides are available to assist and tour tourist through the hike through the volcanoes of El Salvador.

6.) Montecristo

Montecristo is a rainforest. It is the most important and most protected rainforest in El Salvador. Montecristo has a diverse fauna and flora that will entrance anyone who visits, so that a visit in Montecristo is truly an ultimate ecotourism adventure that should be included in your itinerary.

7.) Alegria Lagoon

This beautiful emerald green lagoon can be found inside the crater of Tecapa Volcano. Near the lagoon is the town of Alegria whose natives come from Pipil descendants. There is a local chieftain in Alegria town who willingly shares the legends of the town to its visitors.

8.) Diving

There are a lot of diving sites in El Salvador. There are guides that can recommend good spot depending on the divers’ skill level, the tide and the weather condition. You can either bring your own diving equipment, or you can rent from the many diving resorts available.

9.) Fishing excursions

There are many resorts that offer fishing services in El Salvador. There are Tuna fish, Blue Marlin, Mackerel, and many other species of deepwater game fishes. You can also do some bottom fishing where you have a chance to catch Snappers, Blue Crevally, Scribbled Filefish, and others.

10.) Swimming

There are a lot of beach resorts in El Salvador for some swimming. One of the most beautiful beaches in the country is Costa del Sol. It is known for its white sand beach and great hotel resorts and restaurants.

Jonathan Williams is the travel writer for Destination Guide TV – the place to share travel videos [http://www.destinationguide.tv] Visit [http://www.destinationguide.tv/elsalvador] to view or share El Salvador travel videos [http://www.destinationguide.tv/elsalvador]

How to catch stripers from the surf in nj?

Im a begginer for stripers. Ive done a lot of fishing just not much on the surf. I hear there are a lot of cows right now in LBI and I am looking for some good spots and techniques. Help.

Woo hoo! Stripers in the surf!

There are two things stripers go after in the surf. One is full grown pogies, the other is little tiny glass minnows. They actually go after grass eels, but as far as we are concerned a grass eels and a glass minnow are nearly the same thing.

Early in the season, the schools of pogies come in to spawn. A pogy is the saltwater version of a shad, and the large ones can get to about a pound. It is a very big bait. When the large pogies are running, the best thing to use (other than a live pogy) is a large surface popper. It’s best to drive around scouting for bait in the water. When you find the bait, you’ll find stripers. Cast the surface popper out as far as possible, and “pop” it back in.

If you want some fun, tie a snatch hook on and cast out to the bait. Snag a grown pogy and let it sink to the bottom of the school. That will catch the really large stripers.

Later in the year, there are all types of glass minnows in the water, along with grass eels. The baits are only a few inches long, and are extremely slender. When the small bait is running, use a small, shiny spoon or jig. A Diamond Jig is good, and a 2 ounce Kastmaster is even better. Cast out and work the jig back in. Again, look for baitfish in the water and try to stay close to them.

You can also cast a live eel (about one foot long) out and reel it back in, but they are something of a nuisance to fish with.

Whenever you’re fishing for something new, always look at the other people who are fishing. Usually the local people know what the fish are biting, so do what they do.

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