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11 years ago

Love Heart
Love Heart

John Keats, my all time favorite poet, opens one of his odes with “My heart aches…” and I can never overpower and avoid the immensely deep pain and agony behind this,” My heart aches”. Why does it favor pain and not pleasure? Why does this heart, a fleshy jelly like substance, become a home of melancholy & happiness? The only answer I come up with is not simple nor complex but strange and it is that when you fall in love; you are gullible and vulnerable to feeling all types of aching and you know what this fleshy substance is not just mere flesh. It is a powerhouse mirror in which all relationships and memories, all sensations and feelings and especially all the regrets can be seen and viewed anytime either in loneliness or with others. The images formed in the mirrors are not always pleasant and thus there comes a stage when an individual cries, ah my heart aches.

Love is like a wild child who’s going nuts or similar to a horse outrunning everything and becoming dangerously out of control, and the irony becomes more evident in the way most people fall in love and end either losers or drunk heads with heap of regrets and bad memories in their mirror of heart. Suppose a person who fell in love with a girl and their love kissed the skies of passion and emotion as they roamed in gardens and libraries writing stories of this amazing relationship on leafs of all trees, roads, people I mean everything everyone they come across. They share warmth and sincerity, kisses and hugs and even talk on phone about sex, romance, humor, religion etc. One cannot imagine living without the other and then the vicious wheel of fate plays its incisive move, due to any reason for example economical problem or consent of their relatives they are forced to separate and bound not to see one another again.

The girl moves on and finds another guy and is happy now and the poor guy , the pathetic soul whose heart received most of the sweet memories are in shock and cannot forget the images that were carved on the mirror of his heart. Everyday he feels agony and everyday he regrets and shouts out loud, ah my heart ached, ah it feels the pain of the love and lover I have lost. This is just one of the billion similar stories in which one person ends with pain and that happens just because he/she was sincere and therefore was an instant victim of Love. This is just a simple result of mishandling the wild horse of love.

This is what John Keats felt hundreds of years ago, and this is what all those who are betrayed by their lovers, cheated by their closed ones and slaughtered by being sincere and honest feel today and everyday a new story rises. My heart also aches and feels pain and cries out loud for someone who carved images of sweet memories on my mirror and the amazing passion of love smiles over passively.

Why fall in love ever again, if one is to be a victim at the end? Can you answer that?

Kashif Ali

Where can i buy love heart boxers?

I want to buy boxers that are white, with normal lovehearts (red) all over them, any one recommend a shop, or a website where i can get some?

Must be a shop in the UK if a website must be able to send to UK. Thank you!

Hi Didthat!
You can buy love heart boxers on Amazon.

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