Machine Knitting

11 years ago

Machine Knitting
Machine Knitting

You know the basics of knitting; knit and purl, and maybe you’ve already finished your first projects. Maybe they weren’t quite up to your expectations, though? The scarf ended up way too narrow and the fabric of the hat was like made out of steel? Would you love to be able to create knits that look and feel good, but are not quite sure how? Maybe the problem could be the knitting needles you are using.

One of the key things to consider when planning a knitting project are the needles. You have your yarn of choice at hand, and the idea or pattern on what to knit, but the correct needles will make a difference, too.

How to find out which needles should you use? A good starting point is the yarn’s ball band. There usually is a suggestion on what kind of needle size you should be using – most yarns will list the suggestions in US sizing as well as in millimeters. Quite often there will be two suggestions on the ball, as in “3-4”. If in doubt, just try the smaller size for making a small gauge swatch first and see if you like the fabric you produce.

If it’s too dense, go up a size or two, if it’s too loose, go down a size or two. Also if you are working from a written pattern, it will have some suggestions for you. Look for the information in the beginning of the pattern. Just make sure you are using a similar yarn as the pattern calls for!

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Is there a machine knitting group in North Essex?

Are there machine knitting tutors in this part of the county?

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