Magnets Neodymium

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Magnets Neodymium
Magnets Neodymium

A number of companies which have magnetic therapy products available for purchase often fail to indicate the type of magnets they use in their supports, wraps, braces, and other therapy products and devices. You should exercise caution if you encounter this type of practice, because the magnets used in these biomagnetic products may be composed of inferior, lower-grade materials and the strength of their electromagnetic field may not be adequate to provide the desired health benefits.

Other vendors of biomagnetic products may utilize a combination of different types of magnets in their wraps, supports, and braces – most often a combination of ceramic and neodymium magnets. Products which contain ceramic magnets generally generate a much weaker electromagnetic field than similar products which use neodymium magnets. For example, if you perform a comparison between two magnets of an identical size, thickness, and gauss rating, the neodymium magnet will, in fact, virtually always produce a measurably stronger electromagnetic field than the one that is made of ceramic.

A back support, or similar biomagnetic therapy product, which is composed of both ceramic and neodymium magnets, in general, is significantly weaker than a like product which contains only neodymium magnets.

Additionally, some vendors may mislead consumers regarding the strength of the electromagnetic fields of their products. As an example, if a biomagnetic therapy support product contains 20 neodymium magnets (each magnet individually rated at 5,000 gauss), the magnetic field strength of the product should still only be measured at 5,000 gauss.

However, some vendors and companies may mislead consumers by indicating that their magnet therapy products have a higher gauss rating by adding together the gauss ratings of all the individual magnets contained in the product. They might advertise that such magnetic therapy devices have a total gauss rating of 100,000. This is inaccurate, and as someone purchasing such products, you should try to be careful of merchants who employ such methods and practices.

For more information regarding biomagnetic therapy, including history, research, and using magnetic therapy, please visit Biomagnetic Therapy or Healing Magnets

I was looking at some neodymium magnets and saw: Surface Field: 2640 Gauss What does that mean?

I just wanted to know if “Surface Field: 2640 Gauss” means the range of the magnetic field of that particular magnet. Anyone know what it means?

A magnet’s strength is measured in gauss. The higher the number, the stronger the magnetic field.

Neodymium magnets

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