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11 years ago

Mattes Matting
Mattes Matting

When matting a print, what kind of tape/adhesive should I use?

I do amateur matting & framing for my wife’s art. Usually I just use masking tape to secure the art to the matt. We are starting to get more professional and I don’t want to use something that could damage the art. Is there any certain tape that I should get to make sure the art is safe yet secure?

I highly suggest tape which is acid free. It is also called “archival.”
Another thing to consider is to have tape which is not permanent because of restoration purposes. If a print or picture needs to be cleaned or restored many years down the road, art conservators need to take things apart. A collector may also wish to change the matting as well.

If you are familiar with the brand “Scotch,” they have a scrap booking tape which is available at Micheal’s Craft store. It’s acid free and non-permanent. Many of my friend who matt their prints use this tape. I do also. If you can find and buy this tape at a smaller locally owned art store, even better. They often have better service and actually learn your name. That’s all, best of luck.

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