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11 years ago

Memories Consultant
Memories Consultant

What benefits do you get by becoming a Creative Memories Consultant?

I have a friend who has almost been talked into becoming a consultant to earn a bit of extra money. I think she would be very good at it. Is it a good money earner, what do you get when you are a consultant?

I believe you get a 30% discount/Commission on their products. Not sure what you get as for commission for their downline, or what you have to acheieve in order to get that. I do know they have extremely high quotas that you have to meet per quarter (like $200 retail or more). Many of the consultants I know ended up buying for themselves and having it in their garage and lost a bunch of money when they had to sell it after they had been deactivated.

Nice products..but unless you’re in an area where there’s few Creative Memories consultants..or few people into scrapbooking, it may be a tough go.

Better to look at the other companies out there and what their compensation plans are and minimums!!!

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