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Ment Miniature
Ment Miniature

my dog was diagnosed with diabetes last year, could it have been misdiagnosed?

we had to put her down, and the vet said that he was amazed she lasted that long because i guess it was really bad. she kept wanting to go outside to pee, so we thought maybe she had a bladder infection so we took her to the vet. in the room she peed a little on the floor. so the vet wanted to take a sample of urine, but she wouldnt pee anymore. so he took the pee that was on the floor as a sample, and they tested it. he said that there was sugar or something in her urine, that ment she had diabetes. based on testing her urine that was on the floor, could it have been contaminated and they misdiagnosed her with diabetes. my mom gave her a bagle that moring so could that have made it look like she had diabetes when she really didnt? i think that she had a blood test that day too and they said that she had it, but she did have a whole bagle that morning. she was over weight though, also she was a miniature poodle.

Diabetes is common, and not at all suprising in an overweight, elderly dog.

A bagel for breakfast shouldn’t have caused a misdiagnosis. Even so, your mom should have been upfront with the vet about what the dog had eaten.

Sugar in the urine plus sugar in the blood is a sure sign of diabetes. Pretty much rules out any other possibility. If they tested the blood and it confirmed the diagnosis, it also means the urine from the floor wasn’t contaminated.

They didn’t just put the dog to sleep on the spot just for having diabetes, did they? Should have been able to put her on insulin treatments. Diabetes is generally treatable in most dogs, unless they’re extremely old or have other complications.

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