Mini Alphabet

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Mini Alphabet
Mini Alphabet

Playing with toys not only entertain your child, but they also teach them life skills and early education. Some toys are specifically designed with the purpose to enhance your child’s learning abilities and social skills. A mini play cube is a great example of this. The toys found on a mini play cube usually include: pathfinders, letters from the alphabet, an abacus, gears, and beads. All of which are used for different learning purposes that will enhance your child’s early education. You have more than likely seen your child choose this toy to play with while you were waiting in a doctor’s office, while at school, or in another type of waiting room. This toy is also great to have at your home, not only for educational purposes, because there is no clean up or a way for the toy to get lost and children can learn while at home.

The mini play cube teaches your child so many great things such as counting, the alphabet, hand and eye coordination, and cooperative play. Parents and teachers often find themselves teaching children how to share and play well in a group. The mini play cube is great for teaching them cooperative play. Learning cooperative play at an early age will prove to be beneficial for a lifetime. Cooperation allows for children and adults to form relationships and relate to other people. More than one child can play with a play cube because there are up to five activities on it. One child can learn to count with the abacus while another child can move the beads around on the wire tracks. Also, each toy can be used with more than one child at a time. Children can work together to make designs and patterns with the beads or spell words with the alphabet letters.

While children are learning and practicing cooperative play, they are also refining their counting skills and alphabet memorization. The abacus found on the mini play cube is used for basic math, such as addition and subtraction, and counting. These basic math skills are the foundation for more advanced math. The first step in learning the value of numbers is being able to count. The same is applied with knowing the alphabet. Before your child can read, write, or spell; they must know the entire alphabet. The mini play cub includes the letters from the alphabet and children can play with the letters, start to recognize them, and sing the alphabet song while playing with the toy.

If you are buying toys for your school, home, or waiting room; you should take into consideration the advantages the mini play cube has. It is a fun toy that doesn’t require clean up, it’s safe, and children learn to count, play well with others, and the alphabet.

Jim Ford is the President of KinderMark, a family owned and managed business which sells waiting room toys and waiting room furniture used in doctors offices, hospitals, auto dealers, dentists offices and libraries. Preschool toys such as an activity table and learning toys are favorites for pediatric offices. For more information, visit .

Help Finding Beads With Norse Runes/Alphabet?

ok, so i was wanting to find beads that have Norse/ Viking runes on them. and i want actual beads, NO mini pendants or anything, because i was wanting to make a bracelet for my boyfriend and stuff. but i’m having trouble finding anything on the internet and all of the craft stores don’t have anything. please help, this means a lot to me so i would appreciate any help. thank you 🙂

You can check out some of these perhaps:

But it would probably be easier just to make your own rune beads. That could be done using several mediums, but polymer clay has been used in particular.
Here’s one example and lesson from Marie Segal:
If you don’t have the rune stamps, the runes could be made simply by pressing into the clay various straight and/or curved items (like cut off popsicle sticks, bent ends of wire or paper clips, etc.), or polymer clay can be “drawn on” freehand too**, or it can be carved after baking.

If you’re interested in those things, check out these pages at my polymer clay “encyclopedia” site:
Letters-inks > Lettering
and maybe for “male” colors: > Men

** raw clay surfaces can be drawn into with lines and curves, etc., with other tools as well
…a ball point pen, needle tool, non-sharp tapestry needle, ball ended stylus, etc.
…however, Wayne uses a piece of plastic wrap over (Saran, sandwich bag, freezer bag, etc.), his raw clay to “draw” lines onto his clay …lift tool between each stroke… the thinner the plastic is, the finer the detail in the lines
…….the plastic keeps the lines clean …could go over lines with other tools afterward to deepen, etc, if needed

Baby Boy Mini Album- Feat. MME Alphabet Soup Collection

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