Mix Colors

11 years ago

Mix Colors
Mix Colors

Which colors(acrylic paint) should I buy if I want to be able to mix as many colors as possible?

I want to buy acrylic paint. I have seen those starter kits with smaller tubes of yellow, red, blue, green, black and white.. I want to buy those bigger tubes and then there are like 200 colors to chose from, but which colors should I chose if I want to be able to mix as many colors as possible? ( I’m thinking about buying 6 colors + black and white)


You really don’t get too many appealing colors by mixing the few basic colors with themselves. You are much better off by buying the colors you like in which ever line of acrylics you choose. Mixing a bit with the colors you buy will make them more interesting, but you can’t make the most interesting colors by mixing. Try creating your own color wheel and you’ll begin to understand how difficult it is.

beginning color mixing with Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paints

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