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11 years ago

Miyuki Delica
Miyuki Delica

Miyuki Delica Beads… Where do I start?

I am an advanced beader, and want to get into Delica 11/0 beads, but they are rather expensive, and there are thousands to choose from. I am looking for a list, or some suggestions of about 20 or so colors that is a “must have” in every beaders collection.

Any ideas?

I am a huge delica fan, I always use them for brick or peyote, and for teaching the stitches they can’t be beat.
Since there are over 800 different colors and finishes of delicas, it would be hard to pick just a few, but I would go with white, black, blue, purple, red, green,yellow,you know, your basic colors, but get each in a couple different finishes, ie, opaque, transparent, matte, etc.Also go for a light and a dark in some colors.I have over half of the delicas, and I still run into projects where I have to buy the beads called for.Be careful of buying the galvanized beads, the colors are gorgeous but working with them makes the color rub off real easy. The precious metal colors are VERY expensive but beautiful. I’ve been told that some of the dyed colors will rub off too, but I’ve never had it happen.
Or, pick a project and just buy the colors needed. That would give you a little feel for the beads, see if they call to you like they did to me. I buy them from two places. When I first started using delicas, I bought from Blackswamp beadworks on Ebay. Cindy is a great seller, she has great color collections at good prices. I also buy from Joan Painter at Painters Art Gallery. She has the best prices anywhere and she sells in any quantity.She also sells color mixes, or collections, several colors for a group price.
I hope I’ve been helpful, email me if you want and I’ll try to be of more help.

Acquisti Bricol’art – Miyuki Delica 11/0 – Consigli Contenitori Perline

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