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Moonlight Mohair
Moonlight Mohair

Since newborn babies spend nearly 70% of their first few weeks sleeping it is imperative that you provide the baby boy or baby girl with a safe, comfortable and well crafted baby mattress to support their fragile bodies. Today the baby market is full of excellent, organic and comfortable crib mattresses and baby bed mattresses that are safe, environmentally-friendly and made to last the first few years of the baby’s life.

Several well-known and trusted manufacturers design comfortable and organic baby mattresses including Naturepedic, Colgate, Moonlight Slumber and Natural Mat. Capitalizing on the demand for eco-friendly, non-allergenic and well ventilated mattresses these manufacturers design a full selection of toddler mattresses that will offer your baby boy or baby girl superior comfort and uncompromised quality for their developing bodies.

Natural Mat designs a wide variety of baby mattresses that feature natural and organic materials including lambs wool, natural rubber latex foam, coir, mohair and cotton. The combination of such natural materials leads to a mattress with much higher levels of spring and support that leads to a sound and restful sleep. Natural Mat mattresses contain no chemicals, plastics or PVC so you can rest easy knowing your baby is sleeping on the safest mattress available.

Another well known and trusted baby mattress manufacturer is Colgate, a company that designs crib mattresses that are safe, comfortable and made to last. Colgate mattresses feature a natural firm coir fiber to provide strong support, a certified organic cotton cover and cotton cushioning covering the coir fiber for greater longevity of the mattress itself. Using only certified organic cotton and renewable materials Colgate mattresses are super safe and very comfortable so your newborn gets the best of both worlds when resting and sleeping.

Perhaps the most popular organic crib mattress manufacturer in operation today is Naturepedic. Offering two styles of crib mattresses; traditional and seamless Naturepedic designs eco-friendly, comfortable and all natural baby bedding that is non-allergenic, uses no chemicals or dyes and includes a 100% polyethylene waterproof coating. Naturepedic avoids using wool or latex, two highly allergenic materials that can cause a baby to suffer while sleeping. Most Naturepedic mattresses can also fit toddler beds so you won’t have to buy a new mattress when your baby is ready to graduate to a real bed.

For a tremendous selection of comfortable, safe and durable baby mattresses go to Baby and Me Boutique where you’ll find the most trusted names in baby bedding including Naturepedic, Moonlight Slumber and Colgate.

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