Mothers Day

10 years ago

Mothers Day
Mothers Day

What are you gonna make your mum for mothers day?

Not – buy – MAKE (: I need some ideas on what to make my mum for mothers day so if you guys could give me some ideas that would be awesome ! but please let it be easy and won’t take long to make because i’m very busy and mothers day is in three days ! Also i can’t cook lol.

thankyou ! ps. but i want it to be nice and shows that i care , thnx .

In the past, I Always make a hand made card, but i have also made her Chocolate dipped strawberries (no talent needed), ive made little gift baskets with her favorite wine and flowers and stuff, ive made a scrap book page shadow box, iv made candles out baby food jars, stepping stones….

there’s alot of really good ideas at

just improvise and put your own little touch in it, that’s what i do, find stuff in the house instead of buying expensive craft stuff. make up your own words and designs to use, and have fun!!

even better you could do some of the crafty projects together!
Mommy’s always love spending time with their babies

Mother’s Day

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