Native American

12 years ago

Native American
Native American

What native american tribe is the biggest in California?

I am adopted and my birthmom said that I am part native american – but she said i am from the biggest (most popular) tribe. She didn’t say which one since i am part – 5% but still it is really cool.

I would be very careful in accepting what is said, without it being clarified by actual records.
For one thing.. NO ONE is 5% anything. The math does not work that way in genealogy. You are 50% of each parent. 25% of each grandparent. 12.5 % of each gr grandparent. 6.25% of any gr gr grandparent.
it works like that simply because all ancestry is in factors of 1/2 from each parent but each parent is then defined by 1/2 of THEIR parents (and on back).
Using the figure you gave, is a big indicator that this is info “passed down” but not verified by any records. Not saying you don’t have NA background.. but genealogists know how critical it is that anything is documented. You would need the name of the exact ancestor, and a record to connect him/her to a specific tribe.

Native American Indian

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