Non Slip

11 years ago

Non Slip
Non Slip

Do you recommend those Non Slip Skid Tapes that would go on stairs to prevent slipping?

Will the tape stick well or will it need to be replaced every so often? Are carpeted non-slip pads better? Any recommendations you have.

Either is as good as the other regarding how well they stick to the stair treads, and the KEY to adhesion is to follow the instructions to the letter, especially relating to the preparation of the stair tread surface. CLEAN, CLEAN, AND CLEAN!!!!!

Installed on a SOUND, and properly prepared surface, either should remain in place for years.

As to prevention of slipping, I prefer the pads that have a grit [looks like sand] embedded in the surface to the carpeted pads. However, the choice may depend on whether the stair is in a workshop, or in the living-room of a residential structure.

non-skid painting

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