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Noor Rapidograph
Noor Rapidograph

How Do I Look After Rapidograph Pens?

I use to have a rapidograph pen for a number of years… one day it didn’t work anymore. Then I discovered that they require some maintenance… oops. >_>

So now I have a set of Koh-i-noor rapidograph pens. What sort of ‘care’ should I give them to make sure they last as long as possible?
I’ve heard you should keep them sitting upright… or was it the other way around?

Also what are ‘pen nibs’, the round things the set came with, for?

Thank you! 😀

The little plastic round things, (with the rectangular hole) are the tools you need to remove the pen nibs and disassemble the entire unit. Essentially, you have an ink resevoir, tube and weighted wire thingy that draws ink from the resevoir to the paper.

The maintenence you ask is to periodically take it apart and soak it in ink cleaning solution. (available at all art supply stores.)

Some of these parts, particularly the wire wick are extremely delicate, so you have to be very, very careful not to bend or nick them.

After soaking and loosening the dry ink, the parts can be rinsed with water and allowed to air dry. They are made of stainless steel, so they won’t rust.

FYI, I once designed a “How to Care and Feed a Technical Ink Pen” manual.


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