Oil Colors

12 years ago

Oil Colors
Oil Colors

Mixing Oil pastel with something to make paint, similar to water colors?

Is there some way to mix oil pastel sticks with some substance to make paint? something like water colors? I’m not sure.
Another question I didn’t add is, does acrylic paint (dried) dissolve/fall off something when water touches.

I can answer part of your question. Acrylic paint should stay put after it has dried. Now it depends on what surface you have put it on and how stable that is. Metal needs to be primed before acrylic paint is added. There is something called paint lock I think. If acrylic was on plain paper it might peel off if it got wet. If you are asking if you can add other layers to acrylic paint after it is dry then the answer is yes. You can thin it out to the consistency of watercolor and do a wash over a canvas.
I hope this helps.

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