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Oil Painting
Oil Painting

How to add text to oil painting?

I am trying to make a logo type painting. I started with a canvas and added an oil paint background. I thought it would be “easy” to apply another layer of paint with the logo/design and font. But, I have tested white oil paint over dark oil paint background, and it looks okay, but it is so difficult to get a very straight edge for the lettering (tried freehand & using painters tape. The oil paint has dried for approximately 6 months, while I have tried to think of a way to do this. Now, I’m stuck. I want to paint or airbrush or tape/fix/glue fabric or paper or figure some way to add wording on top of my oil paint background. Does anyone have suggestions or ideas for how or what to use to add or paint crisp-edged letters on top of a oil paint background? I have read about oil painting and needing to layer “fat over lean” – so I know I should use a heavier oil paint or pastel if I use paint (and NOT acrylic). I also read that one should not glue paper over oil.

There are oil painting pens you can buy that will work very much like a marker though your paint must be dry.
Also a pallet knife will give you a straight edge. If the paint is dry you can also use a flexible drafting tape for the curves. (Be sure to burnish the edges with a flat knife to prevent leakage)
Basically you have the wrong medium for what you are trying to do. Your other alternative is to cut out a stencil from air brush stencil material with an xato knife and spray it.
You could start over with another canvass and get what you need to do in a few minutes. I know you said you did not want to use acrylic paint but you could have the entire painting done in a few hours. And remember a lot of artists use acrylic as an under painting so you could add some oil paint on top of the acrylic. Your tape will work better also.

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