Oil Pastel

11 years ago

Oil Pastel
Oil Pastel

How do i preserve an oil and pastel painting?

I Have a friend who drew me an oil and pastel painting on a canvas and i want to know wat are the thing i could do to safely preserve it, i dont want to hang it but hide it, what are the things i could do to preserve it for several years,,

Thank you ! 🙂

With an oil and pastel work, whatever else you decide, don’t varnish it. Doing this could easily remove the pastel and damage the painting
The best thing, if you really don’t want to hang it, is to carefully wrap it in brown paper and put plywood (same size as the picture) front and back.
Wrap it again. Keep it somewhere dry and where it won’t be subject to large temperature variations.

Oil Pastel Painting – Time Lapse

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